Why I didn't post on my blog?

Why I didn’t post on this site for a few months?

It takes a lot for someone to admit that things are not going the way they want or make mistakes.

This can happen to anyone so take this post as a sort of story or experience related. It serves as a reminder time and time again to stay focused on getting back on track.

I was busy building another site.

As the saying goes never put your eggs into one basket. It’s a bad investment strategy.

So I dedicated my time into another site which is more related to my profession.

Hence I haven’t been posting at all in your-fitness-journey.com. Getting a site up for a different industry using a different technology is hard given the new site doesn’t use standard WordPress.

In the end, I overcame these obstacles and I manage to complete it.

I didn’t have a plan.

“Fail to plan, plan to fail”. I started your-fitness-journey.com as something I have done for my fat loss with success and to explain how I got from fat (obese) to fit. I lost significant weight which is around 30kg/ 66lbs on this time of writing.

That is 27% of weight gone from my starting weight of 110kg/243lbs of 2 years and 5 months.

The website’s purpose is to inform and broaden the knowledge beginners about fitness and point them in the right direction to achieve a certain body fat percentage.

I didn’t have a plan or a set schedule on “what I should write about”. Nor what direction to take for this site.

Neither have I identified my target audience and niched down as of late.

Analytic tools can only tell so much. What was plotted out on charts can be quite conflicting… However, one thing tells me that social shares from this site I have been receiving in from my post are about recipes/cooking and exercises rather the science behind fitness.

It seems to be an indicator as visitors and would like easy healthy recipes to keep the weight off.

Its true many research indicates that eating healthy is 70% – 80% effective on fat loss. Despite THAT it’s not the entire story.

I was too focused on the “results” and not sticking to producing content.

With conflicting data, no plan and lots of confusion. I am unable to conclude how I was able to grow this site. There was a sense of overwhelmingness and discouragement.

So, I stopped writing.

Traffic dropped significantly as I haven’t been promoting social media channels. There are pockets of visits here and there perhaps on audiences rechecking the site to see there is an update.

I suspect the traffic I have gained was due to the site being voted as top 10 fitness sites in Australia at FeedSpot in 2019.

What brought me back?

Instead of worrying about it, I chose to block it out. I sat down on my desk and started typing down this post. I will put out a plan by setting time slots on my schedule for the content for this site.

Why I am doing this?

There is very little representation of fitness on the internet from desk jockeys. I have decided to be that representation.

I genuinely believe my fitness content is for those who are intelligent, have some sort of former education or for those who have the determination to seek answers for effective fat loss.

Many desk jockeys have an unhealthy lifestyle from sitting on office chairs.

We don’t spend the whole day at the gym or do fitness for a living. Hence we have to reach our health goals “strategically”.

Some of you may not work in the office and that is okay. Soak up the information from this site as much as you can and apply what works for you.

How are you able to relate the story to your fitness and health?

Starting anything, in general, can get overwhelming at first even in fitness.

There is a lot of conflicting information on the internet on what to do and what not too.

This can put you through the “analysis paralysis” and prevent you from taking action!

So what you need to do is establish a routine, put up a plan by setting a schedule and commit to it even if its 1 day for the week. Work out, eat healthily, learn what you can and gradually build from there.

Focus on what you need to do and get it done. Know the truth that the journey can be a long one. Should you ever get discouraged and fall off the track block negative thoughts out, hold on to the belief that you can do it!

Step by step. You will reach your goals.

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Joseph is a professional web technologist turned fitness enthusiast after getting into health complications that landed him in the hospital many times.Vowing to invest as much time permit to keep himself healthy. He is currently combining technology to promote fitness and health to the community.

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