How to cook your roast?

How to cook your roast?

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Today at we are going to be discussing why home meals lack quality meat and what you can do to to get your adequate intake.

There are many benefits on meat that outweigh its misinformed disadvantages. Especially for our nutrition and fat loss efforts.

How so?

If you have been reading my previous article on Intermittent Fasting. I did mention about DIT (Diet-Induced Thermogenesis) with linked research articles[1][2]. Even Martin Berkhan even mention this in his Lean Gains book in Chapter 5. I have written before that consuming non-insulin spiking foods will maximise your fat loss goals.

Do note consuming lots of protein doesn’t mean you’re contributing to your muscle mass. If you worry about turning into a 500lbs gorilla you can ease your fears. Because the less fat you have on your body, the more toned you look.

Win! Win!

While some diet groups proclaim that you can get adequate protein only from plant sources may stack up.

But they tend to leave out some facts for you especially when it comes to essential minerals and vitamins which our body do not produce. These nutrients are only available from animal sources that complete your nutrition and provide you with more vitality.

Along with the necessary fat and collagen that reduce the effects of aging.

Do note that all plants have phytic acid[3] that prevents mineral absorption especially iron, zinc and calcium. This may lead to lethargy, effects athletic performance and misplaced cravings. Thus making your body consume more than necessary before feeling sated.

Humans have and always consumed meat since prehistoric times. Our evolution as the species on top of the food chain was all our efforts on survival as hunter-gatherers.

The nutrient advantages of meat will take a whole new article to elaborate, but for now, we’re focusing on cooking methods.

Cooking doesn’t have to be hard. All you need are the right tools and knowledge to prevent a kitchen disaster.

Why many of you are not getting your required nutrient intake or lack of it?

When questioned most said it has to do with preparation, cooking time and expense that leads them to purchase processed meat.

May I remind you that many of these foods contain a high amount of calories, fillers, refined ingredients and preservatives that keep us fat. As we get fatter we are susceptible to all kinds of diseases.

You may never know when you’re going get hit. So throwing these foods out from your pantry will save you more on medical cost least you end up in the hospital.

Unless you know what to look for and read the fine print you will be safe. Most of us don’t; So avoid processed foods are a necessity. 😉

Quality meat comes from how the animal is raised what it fed before butchering. Many of these quality meats may cost more. As our world’s agriculture still has room to evolve in providing sustainable and cost-effective meat.

To keep the cost down, buy your meat in bulk. It is best to get the meat from an animal that fed their natural food and free-range. If this is difficult the current commercial grain-fed is fine. Talk to your local butcher if you’re not sure.

Next, you may find that offals are not pricey due to lack of competition – some find it queasy and others disgusting to consume. I assure you it’s their lack of knowledge, understanding of its nutrient content and indoctrinate beliefs[4]. This prevents them from obtaining optimal health.

One example would be Australia’s Vegemite in which many countries find it unappetising even to adults. Most of them are ignoring vegemite nutrient contents and mixing it with other ingredients to make it more appetising[5].

Consider adding offals to your meal plans as a variety. It is so much more sustainable and respectable to consume the whole animal as our ancestors did when they were out hunting mammoths.

Win! Win! Win!

“Happy little vegemites! Though this ad appears dated on the nutrition value of white bread as explained in on my 10 commandments article. Australians must not ignore Vegemite for its nutritious content with B vitamins. Spread a teaspoon of Vegemite on sweet potatoes, mashed peas or vegetables that complement the roasted meat for extra taste!”

Let’s get down to the kitchen utility.

Preparation of roasting meat with its skin on to keep its crispy texture like the featured photo above is difficult. If you don’t have top kitchen utilities which come from a restaurant.

Curious on how I did my succulent roasted lamb in the featured image?! Look no further than Air Fryers.

What are Air Fryers?

A compact sized kitchen utility that combines traditional oven (radial heat) and commercial oven (convectional heat).

The device is compact because it uses hot air flows to cook your food. In general science, it is well knowns that air is a bad heat conductor because of the low density of molecules.

This takes time for heat to transfer between molecules. Old traditional oven and commercial ovens have large compartments to fan size ratio. Hence it’s difficult and slower to cook roasted meat.

Philips air fryers solve these problems by controlling the flow of air within a compact space. This reduces the cooking time from 20% – 25%. Saving you time and energy bills[6] compared to the traditional and commercial ovens.

This video explains all there is to know about Philips Air Fryers and its star-fish shaped base.

Choosing your air fryer

There are many air fryers sold in the market. But how you know which ones to pick?

Stainless steel mesh basket
Let’s have a look at the mesh compartment on the Philips Air Fryer I own. It has a basket made of stainless steel mesh on the bottom for improved airflows.

Philips Airfryer Stainless steel mesh basket.


  • Hard to remove food stuck between the stainless steel mesh. This is solved by filling the compartment with soapy water. Soaking the basket right after cooking. Scrub the mesh lightly with a heavy-duty sponge.


  • Very good airflows that cook food evenly to crips on right temperature settings.
  • Can cook food faster and in larger volumes compared to other Airfryers with non-stick baskets.

Star-fish shaped base compartment

Star-fish shaped bottom compartment.


  • There is nothing to note on disadvantages as it is made of non-stick material for easy washing.


  • As explained in the above video it guides hot air to the centre of the compartment heating food evenly.
  • Tallow/Fat flows downward from roasting the meat in which you can use for sauces, stir fry dishes or discard it for fewer calories.
  • Saves you money from purchasing unhealthy refined cooking oils for deep frying.

Let’s not forget that Philips Air Fryer / Air Fryers today are going digital. It’s impossible to get it wrong on preparing your dish.

Win! Win! Win! Win!

Let’s start cooking with these simple recipes!

Mixed Herb Chicken drumsticks.

Cooking and preparation time 20 minutes.

What you need:

  • Chicken drumsticks
  • Iodise sea salt/table salt
  • Mixed Herbs
  • Black pepper


  • Grab some chicken drumsticks from your local butcher.
  • Make an incision on to the drumstick bone on the right shown in the picture below:
Incisions are important because you want the inside of the meat to be exposed to hot air for it to cook quickly.
  • Flip the drumstick over and make an incision now to the left of the drumstick.
  • Add salt, black pepper and mixed herbs on top. Make sure to spread the seasoning around the drumstick.
  • Grab the seasoned drumsticks and arrange them into your air fryer basket as shown below:
  • Note that stacking chicken drumsticks on top will make them stick together and lose its crispiness.
  • Set the Air Fryer temperature to 180 degrees and the timer for 18 minutes
  • Wait for it to finish.
Crikey! These smell so good that I have to grab one before taking this pic.

Estimated calories per drumstick with skin: 211 calories.

Mixed herb, rosemary lamb

Cooking and preparation time 45 -50 minutes depending on weight.

The steps for cooking rosemary lamb are similar to the chicken drumsticks.

What you need:

  • Hunk of lamb leg with the bone around 1kg
  • Fresh sliced onion
  • Mixed Herbs
  • Rosemary
  • Black Pepper
  • Iodise sea salt/table salt


  • Start by making a few incisions on the lamb leg to the bone.
  • Turn the meat over and make another row of incisions.
  • Add salt, black pepper, mixed herbs and rosemary. Don’t forget to spread the seasonings evenly over the lamb.
The hunk of lamb leg doesn’t look appetising yet…
  • Place the lamb into the air fryer basket and set the temperature to 180 degrees.
  • Set the timer to 45 minutes.
  • When 40 minutes are up. Pause the air fryer and place some onions between the incision. Continue with the cooking.
  • Wait for it to finish.
BOOM! Delicious roasted lamb leg.

Estimated calories per 100g of lamb: 229 Calories

Extra Tips:

  • You can prepare side dishes/salads in the meantime while waiting for the meat to cook.
  • Save up on the bones once you finished the meat. They’ll be your most important ingredient for making bone broths. (I will write a recipe for upcoming articles).
  • You can mix and match spices to bring out new flavours of your roasted meat. i.e add paprika or chilli peppers if you like something spicy.

With many winning points, Air Fryers are a must for your kitchen and fat loss goals!

Lots of winning, less loosing, except your body fat!

Don’t Delay! Get your Air Fryer Today!

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